Cat Mama


Saudi Arabia has a huge cat population. Many of them are strays. There are so many that they are regarded as pests by many people here.

It’s like a mission. This is something you can’t just dump.

It’s embedded in me. It’s attached to my skin, to my heart, to my brain. I can’t take it off. This is it. Until it’s time to go. 


One woman in Jeddah doesn’t share this view. She’s opened up her heart and her home to these animals. She has over 300 cats living with her and she feeds hundreds of street cats.

There are many levels to Farah’s story, not just being a cat mama. She tells us about having to emigrate from Nicaragua during the revolution in 1979 and how she reverted to Islam when her son was born.

A story worth telling.

This is their house, I live with them. I’m actually their caretaker and in the meantime I have a place to live. Alhumdulillah, it’s amazing.

– Farah

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